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Gungrave (2003) Anime review

BEYOND THE GRAVE In each hand he wields "CERBERUS", his twin handguns and on his back he carries a coffin filled with heavy weapons. Cloaked in darkness and smelling of the grave, he is back to kick ass!

Revenge is a dish best served cold, cold as the unliving! Based on the hit Playstation 2 videogames during the early 2000's, Gungrave created by Red Nightow (Trigun) is about a slain Mafia Hitman-Brandon Heat who through the help of science, returns from the dead to seek revenge against Millenion, a criminal organization run by the man who responsible for Brandon's demise-his best friend!

This 25-episode animated series might share familiarity with concepts that range from Hong Kong and Sci Fi cinema as well as mainstream comics, however, it's the brilliant storyline, that is one of the Anime’s strongest asset.
Aside from the first episode-Destroyers in the dusk, a good chunk of this series takes place prior to the narrative from the videogame also the foundation of…

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